Luther Park

Assisted Living and Memory Care

Assisted Living and Memory Care

Leadership Team

Bridget Kosinski

Executive Director


Why to contact:

Jenny Weerheim , RN

Interim Clinical Director


Why to contact:

  • Notification of all appointments and any concerns about; physician, dental, physical, occupational or speechtherapies, labs, surgeries, minor procedures

  • Medication changes; both prescribed and over-the-counter

  • Questions/concerns about current or needed nursing services

  • Notification with respect to assistive devices; new cane, wheelchair, scooter, reposition bar for bed

  • Re-admission from a hospital or nursing home stay

  • Long term care insurance questions

  • Medicaid questions

Terry Wood

Business Office Manager


Why to contact:

  • Questions/comments regarding monthly statements
  •  Questions/comments regarding monthly rental payments
  • To obtain copies of current/prior rental statements

Carol Marshall

Director of Dining


  • Guest reservations
  • Catering for special events at Luther Park such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc
  • Questions/comments about meal service 

Brian Casey

Resident Services Coordinator


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