510 South Olive Street
Sandpoint, ID83864

“I feel very much at home here at Luther Park. I am pleased with all of the new changes that are happening. The staff are most courteous at all times and really listen to you. I like the entertainment and the great service that I receive.”

– Gerda Burke

“I have been living here four years now and like it immensely. You get close to people and build great friendships. You can’t help but get close to everyone. The food is great and staff do everything they can to help. We can go to staff anytime, about anything. We are family here.” – Phyllis Meagher

“I’ve been here for 3 years now and it feels so comfortable. All of the staff and people are nice. We have great activities to keep us busy. I like to go to exercise every day and really enjoy the arts and crafts. The food here is delicious! You can’t get better food anywhere else. Luther Park is always clean.”

– Dorothy Handy

Luther Park at Sandpoint was a huge blessing to our mother and family. She received impeccable care and devoted service from the entire staff. Each person genuinely gave of themselves day in and out. We completely trusted the staff for Hilda’s cares ad needs, knowing they also wanted the best for her. This in and of itself is a gift beyond compare.

We appreciated the warm, cozy atmosphere of the Luther Park facility, also. It only enhanced the family-like feeling we experienced the last 4 years.
Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

– The Family of Hilda Schmidt

My father has been a resident of Luther Park at Sandpoint, Idaho for almost 4 years. Before moving into Luther Park, he had lived on his own after Mom died and was not too keen on moving into an assisted living facility. But after several years he eventually agreed and Luther Park became the “home” he grew to love. This past fall he had to be hospitalized for a short period of time and was then moved to a rehabilitation facility to continue gaining his strength back before he could return to his apartment and his Luther Park “family”. He took a turn for the worse and we were afraid he would never leave the rehab facility. The one thing that was constantly on his mind was being able to return to his home at Luther Park. It would be a long 5 months. This past weekend Dad celebrated his 100th birthday with his loving family and friends at Luther Park! The day he was well enough to return was one of great joy. And not just for Dad! As he was wheeled into the dining room that day, he received a standing ovation from all in attendance as he exclaimed, “I’M HOME!” His apartment that day had a constant flow of staff members and residents who came to welcome him back and more than just a few tears were shed. I cannot begin to tell you how much the people (residents and staff members) at Luther Park mean to Dad and this family. The staff cares for him as if he was their father! I see it time and time again in the way they lovingly care for each and every resident. I cannot heap enough praise on the wonderful staff who take such good care of everyone. They are a special breed of people. Dad is in good and loving hands and we thank God that they are there for him when we can’t be.

His family thanks you for all you do, Luther Park at Sandpoint, Idaho! You are a wonderful bunch of people and Dad couldn’t be happier! Just ask him!

– Sincerely, The family of Bill Remmers: Holly Woods, Sherry Gropp , Steve & Sheri Remmers

“What a beautiful facility!” We loved the decor, warm and inviting. Interested in the brands.

Impressed with the personal touch and care given to our loved one by the staff. A staff member served coffee and hot chocolate to a group visiting her. Staff inviting and helpful when the Regiers came Sunday to sing.

Many commented how blessed we are to have our loved one at Luther Park and how grateful they are that she is in a facility that takes wonderful care of their sister, aunt, mother, grandma etc.

Her daughter and son-in-law ate a noon meal with her. They went on and on how delicious it was. The son-in-law even had written down three items from the meal that he was going to google the recipes upon his arrival home and attempt to make them.

Overall, the Regiers came to the same conclusion that we have held for these past 3 years since Mother has resided at Luther Park, God is good by providing a beautiful, inviting and caring home for our dear, dear loved one. Many had never visited her here before. They now have a sense of peace knowing she is being loved on and cared for after personally seeing that implemented during their visits. Knowing she is in good hands is a precious gift given to her family.

Thank you all!!!!

– Anne for the Regier Family – September 2015

To be experiencing all the care and compassion being given to my Mom and our Gram at Luther Park has been the best thing that could have happened for our family.

Thank you and God Bless you all.

– Diane Carlson, Kim, David, Shawnn, Brittany and Matt April 2015

Moving to Luther Park has turned out to be one of the best moves I have ever made.

I moved to Luther Park from Montana a little over two years ago. I had stopped driving and as a result my social life became very limited. Living alone was difficult and I had become depressed. My daughter who lives in Sandpoint encouraged me to move to Idaho.

My first few days here I found the people to be very friendly and welcoming. Before long I felt right at home. I joined many activities such as Bridge, Bingo, Walking Club, Bible Study and I attend all the special programs they bring- did I mention Bridge, my first love.

I started to look forward to meal times. It has become a real social time for me. The food is really good and I don’t have to do any shopping, preparing, serving or the dishes. That is great.

I highly recommend Luther Park for anyone looking for a new home..

– Harriet M. March 2015

I decided it was time to move from my home on Gamlin Lake so I asked folks and friends and every one of them recommended Luther Park. I visited each facility in Sandpoint and was most impressed by Luther Park.

The best evaluation you can make of Luther Park is to visit there some morning or afternoon. Meet the staff and a few of the residents, and I am confident you will be impressed and the members of your family will be assured that you will be well taken care of.

– Larry T. March 2015

My parents moved to Luther Park a year ago after a lifetime of independent living. It was difficult for them to accept the fact that they now required help and could no longer live on their own, and Luther Park allowed them to make the transition to assisted living a gradual and happy one. They both enjoyed living at Luther Park because of the facilities and most importantly because of the respectful and caring community of staff and residents.

– Rob L. October 2014

I moved into Luther Park Sandpoint in February of 2013 and have been “happily at home” ever since. I moved from Arizona to Sandpoint to be close to my daughter after my husband passed away. She brought me to Luther Park to visit with the administrator and “take the tour.” I found it lovely and well appointed; the apartments comfortable and homey and of various sizes to fit each individual’s needs.

It didn’t take long after moving in, to realize the staff are our extended family, friendly, loving and caring—always ready to help. I never get bored as there are numerous activities planned for us each day if we care to participate. We have a lovely library—cozy and complete with a fireplace and loads of good books to read. A fitness room with two treadmills, a recumbent bike and our new prized “NuStep” which everyone is pleased with—easy to use and helps us to stay as fit as we can be.

All in all it’s a great place in which to retire. My daughter is greatly relieved, as she knows I am well cared for and content. I could go on and on about our wonderful chef and the terrific food she prepares, our fun “Social Hour” each afternoon in the Bottle Bay Lounge (so aptly named!) but you need to come visit and see for yourself! Then you’ll know what I’m talking about! Look me up when you get here!

– Phyllis K. October 2014